Name: Ingrid
Location: Michigan
Nationality: Citizen of the world
Occupation: Paleoceanographer

The name saltwater purls comes from my occupation as an oceanographer. Currently I am trying to get tenure at a first class research institute. Getting tenure is somewhat soul destroying so I am trying to save my sanity by being as creative as possible when I am not trying to overachieve.

I am a self-confessed obsessive knitter. I knit whenever I can, on the bus, in faculty meetings, at cafes. I learnt to knit when I was 7, but did not get bitten until I was seventeen, when I saw a book of beautiful and creative knitting designs called 'Stitches in Time' by Sue Bradley. The first sweater I ever completed was a beautiful hand-dyed mohair intasia sweater. This sweater still lives with my parents, but I don't wear it due to it's bat wings. sigh...bat wings will come around again I know.

Anyway I can self-diagnose myself as a process knitter (see 'stitch and bitch'). I think about how much fun it would be to create a sweater not whether I would wear it. If I wear it a lot it is another plus. I love cables, intasia, fairisle, lace as long as the pattern is complex enough to keep me interested and not so complex I have to follow the book constantly.

I'm assisted by two furry helpers. Jester-Jellybelly-Twinkletoes and Mowgillsby-Ogillsby- Puddle-Paws. Jellobellow came to live with us in January 2004. He is upwards of 7 yrs, a red point siamese and came from the Michigan Siamese Rescue. Although he helps with the knitting process, he doesn't often enjoy the rewards as he is very nervous about life. Mowgli came to live with his big brudder in October of 2004. Mowgli thinks he is siamese as he was raised underfoot of siamese at Purrs Abound, however it is most likely he is a brown tabby. Mowgli doesn't have the patience to help with the knitting but will be seen frequently partaking of the finished garments.


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